Here's my Resume:

My name is Adia (Uh-Dee-Uh).  I use storytelling to explore relationships — with ourselves, our community, and the bumps in the road that influence how we navigate the world. I create through a Black queer womanist lens using various genres and mediums, often as a writer, director and producer.

I got my bachelors at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in media and cinema studies while minoring in political science and sociology. My focus started out in documentary film, which is still a genre I deeply enjoy, but since graduation I've continued to explore scripted narrative as well. Through my internships and mentorship at Illinois Public Media and Kartemquin, I've learned how to craft a documentary film while connecting with audiences through impact-driven distribution. Right now, I'm looking forward to continue honing my craft through OTV's 2021 fellowship as I wrap up a docuseries I'm currently collaborating on, Manifold.